1. theelinker:

    This got best-in-show at the BronyCon 2014 PMV contest and I’m so excited and aaaaaaaah

    This was a collaboration with finalskies.tumblr.com, go follow him for more big-eared ponies

    This is not entirely relevant to this blog, but… well, it’s bobbing ponies animated by me! That’s basically the same.

    Take a second and check it out if you have the time!

  2. I’m going to BronyCon! If you see a guy with a TheeLinker / I_Animate_Ponymotes nametag, say hi! Or, do your best impression of a Twistare at me, at which point I’ll probably run away in fear and call the police. So… don’t do that, I guess.

    If you’re interested, I’ve got a video that may or may not be showing up at the PMV contest results Saturday night! I’m hyped.

  3. tehlumineko:

    30minutechallenge music - flutterap

    done on stream at picarto!

    check out all of the 30minutechallenge videos i do at youtube!

    want to support what i do? check out my patreon! <3

    Be sure to check out L’il Rain’s new album, featuring the hit single “I Got That Roy G. Biv (And You Just A Roy G. Bitch)”

    (Source; inspiration/writing credit goes to /u/meditonsin and /u/toxicbox! Mirrors: Imgur, Gfycat, DeviantART)

    Animation: Twilight! Twilight!

    Adapted from a big /r/mylittlepony thread; go here to see the backstory and all the people who contributed to this!

    Use the mirrors to view it in one part with better colors! Imgur, Gfycat.

  4. Animation: Limitations of the Medium

    So that got weird

    (Mirrors: Imgur, Gfycat)

  5. thank you for your suggestion citizen

  6. Animation: The Break of Dawn

    Celestia harasses Luna with the sun, Luna crushes Celestia with the moon, it all works itself out in the end

    (Mirrors: Imgur, Gfycat)

  7. Animation — Stone Cold Stare

    [](/cockatrice) has got to be r/mylittlepony’s most irrelevant emote

    This comes from a small contest I held on the subreddit, where I invited people to use the ponymote animator tool and pledged to animate-for-real the one I liked best. GeniusIComeAnon claimed that prize, so this is me running with his concept!

    (Imgur mirror, Gfycat mirror)


    Be Stronger

    I KNOW I wasn’t the only one who thought this

  8. S4E26, Twilight’s Kingdom, Part 2 - Deleted Scene

    This pun belongs to /u/gbeaudette; I merely borrowed it. All credit goes to him!

    And that’s it! A deleted scene for every single Season 4 episode. I’m pretty happy I managed to keep up with it all! To think I started this here with 400-something followers, and now I’m up to 2900! Crazy. Go here to review the whole colorful Deleted Scene archive!

    I’ve still got stuff planned! Lots of more original ideas in the pipeline. Stick around!

    (For once this is just as good quality as the mirrors! But have them anyway: Imgur, Gfycat)

  9. S4E25, Twilight’s Kingdom, Part 1 - Deleted Scene 

    The best part of this one is it’s totally canon unless proven otherwise

    This is all text and no breaks. Use the Gfycat mirror to slow it down if you want! (Imgur, Gfycat)


    Animation: Taste Testing

    Pragmatic is her middle name. Pinkie Pragmatic Pie.

    Concept provided by Zorand! As always, use the mirrors for a sharper image and more colors: Imgur, Gfycat.

    UPDATE (05-14-14): Added a sketch! Made of my favorite moment from this animation, it was done by this awesome and somewhat anonymous artist. Check them out!

    Reblogging for the update!

  10. Ponymote Animator


    Made a Ponymote Animator … thing?

    Guys look

    How cool is this

    (link to Reddit post, contains further discussion)

  11. Just a thing I did

    (Imgur mirror)

  12. S4E24, Equestria Games - Deleted Scene

    Written in part by /u/cyberscythe and /u/mad87645!

    Check the mirrors for a prettier version! Well… uh, a prettier title card, at least. (Imgur, Gfycat)